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Welcome To The Traveling Sound Museum

Imagine that you could listen to any sound, from any place, from any TIME, in the history of the world. That the sonic history of our planet did not start with the wax cylinder in the 1870’s, but that man has been able to capture sounds in jars as though they were fireflies since the 7th century?

Would you believe it?

The Traveling Sound Museum is a collection of Sound Jars that each contain a different sound from a different place from a different time in the history of the world. The collection goes back over a thousand years and contains sounds from nearly every era imaginable. While many of the original jars have been lost to history, the present day collection is a stunning archive of the sounds of history. Imagine being able to hold a jar to your ear and hear the sounds of an Islamic market town in the 9th century, monks chanting in the middle ages, water lapping against the side of a boat on its way to the new world.

Loaded on the back of an old fashion cart, the collection is carried from town to town where people are invited to “step right up” and have a listen…

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